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There are more than 1 million cocoa farming families in Indonesia and the vast majority are struggling to make a living due to the high incidence of pests and diseases, aging trees, poor soil management and insufficient technical knowledge about how to manage their farms for maximum productivity and environmental sustainability.

Fortunately, thanks to the work of agencies like the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), the Indonesian Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), USAID, the World Cocoa Foundation, and large companies like Mars, Incorporated, there are well recognized and agreed best practice solutions to all of these problems and a network or demonstration and training capabilities that farmers can access to get help.

The challenge now is to engage the very large number of cocoa farmers who need help, to get them to the demonstration and training sites, show them what they can do to solve the problems on their farms and help them get back on their feet managing truly sustainable cocoa farms into the future.

The Community Solutions International (CSI) ‘Cocoa Care” program provides a unique opportunity for concerned consumers, industry stakeholders such as cocoa grinders, chocolate producers, chocolate shops, community groups and others to engage a network of experienced cocoa farmers trained as "cocoa care" providers to help these struggling cocoa farmers.  Through "Cocoa Care", you can provide the necessary tools, materials and training to get cocoa farming families out of their current difficulties and onto a path toward a sustainable economic future in harmony with their environment.

"Cocoa Care" works with an existing network of independent community based, technical service providers, who have been well trained in cocoa farming technology and operate cocoa tree nurseries and composting businesses, and has people regularly visiting the cocoa growing areas to buy cocoa bark for cocoa paperThis means that Cocoa Care is able to direct support funds very efficiently to get the necessary work done at farm level with very little overhead cost.

As "Cocoa Care" not affiliated with any of the larger private company programs, or Government programs, we are able to work with you to focus your support in areas where you can see the results of your work alone, or combine your contribution with others to leverage its impact over a broader area.

The “Cocoa Care” program enables you to provide direct support to the long term sustainability of cocoa farmers, their families and communities to: 

  • Work with them to rehabilitate old or damaged cocoa farms,
  • Increase and maintain environmental sustainability,
  • Provide necessary farm management tools and training, and
  • Strengthen a network of independent, cocoa farmer enterprise "Cocoa Care" providers to support cocoa farmers over the long term.

You may chose to support cocoa tree rehabilitation / replacement, soil rehabilitation, environmental diversity and management, agricultural practices training, the provision of necessary farm tools or the further development of farmer enterprise "Cocoa Care" services.

You may select a particular “Cocoa Care” provider based in a particular village to work with, and you can even chose which cocoa farming family you would like to help develop a more sustainable future.  You can then monitor the progress of your work on line through our “Cocoa Care” website.