About Cocoa Care

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The Community Solutions International "Cocoa Care” program provides a unique opportunity for concerned consumers, industry stakeholders such as cocoa processors and traders, chocolate producers and chocolate shops, community groups and others to lend a helping hand to struggling cocoa farming families in Indonesia, and to monitor the ongoing impact of their support on-line.

"Cocoa Care" provides the necessary good agricultural practices (GAP) training, tools, materials and local support necessary to help struggling cocoa farming families out of their current difficulties and onto a path toward a sustainable economic future in harmony with their environment. As "Cocoa Care" engages an existing network of experienced cocoa farmer technology service providers ("Cocoa Carers"), and existing training and demonstration facilities, it can provide this support with much lower expenses and overheads than stand-alone programs.

Cocoa Care" enables you to provide direct support to the long term sustainability of cocoa farming families and their communities by:

  • Working with cocoa farmers to rehabilitate old or damaged cocoa farms.
  • Increase and maintain environmental sustainability.
  • Provide necessary farm management tools and training.
  • Strengthening the network of independent, cocoa farmer enterprise extension service providers to support cocoa farmers over the long term.

Our current cost base is as follows:

  • Administration, farmer selection, farm needs evaluation, program development and management is 15% of program costs.
  • Purchasing tools, fertilizer, compost etc. and delivery to farms is between 3 - 5% of program costs.
  • Monitoring and reporting progress on farms is between 2 - 3 % of program costs

This means that cocoa farming families will receive the direct benefit of 77% - 80% of all supporter funds depending on the program. Tool packs, for example, do not require as much follow up and monitoring so 80% of supporter funds go directly to buy and get those tools into farmers hands. This is much higher than typical stand alone programs or projects that may require between 30 - 40% overhead and support costs.

You may chose to support any of these critical areas at a level that suits your budget and become an enduring part of the development of a truly long term sustainable cocoa farming system in Indonesia.