The Team

Cocoa Care Advisory Team

To maximize the benefits of your support, Cocoa Care has established honorary relationships with a number of key individuals who have agreed to share their experience and provide advice and guidance to "Cocoa Care" programs as we seek to provide the best possible support to cocoa farmers, their families and communities at minimum cost. Click the photos to view their profiles

Dr Peter Horne Mr Noel Janetski Mr Ross Jaax Dr. Sikstus Gusli

Cocoa Carers

Cocoa Carers" are highly trained cocoa farmers who have well managed, high productivity demonstration farms, nurseries to produce the best quality, top grafted clonal cocoa seedlings and provide independent, private enterprise, agricultural extension services to other cocoa farmers.

Cocoa Carers are paid for their work as a part of the Cocoa Care programs bringing additional income into their households and helping to secure their futures. Click photos to view profile and capability information.

Zainuddin Tatong Andi Asri Suprapto Darwis Aras

Muh Aris  Marsuci Tatong