Paper Products

Corporate Stationery


Our high quality, handmade cocoa paper and sustainable stationery products are produced in "home industry" production systems using environmentally friendly, traditional paper making methods, creating new employment opportunities for local people and particularly women in developing countries.

All of our products are made with environmental integrity using sustainable materials including:
- Farm waste plant materials from local agricultural communities
- Post Consumer recycled paper (PCW)
- Non-Sulphur, Processed Chlorine Free (PCF) processing materials

Sustainable cocoa paper and other sustainable papers may be produced to satisfy the needs of corporate or private customers who have a particular interest in adding value to or employing waste streams from a particular agricultural commodity, reducing carbon footprint and helping developing communities and women in particular.

Cocoa paper, produced from the bark of the cocoa tree, is one of our most popular products and is available in various grades to suit specific needs. The cocoa bark is collected when the cocoa trees are pruned and, as this is a necessary activity to encourage greater productivity of the cocoa fruit, this additional business opportunity adds another product  that cocoa farming families can sell as well as increasing their income from selling their cocoa. Most often it is the women who collect the bark and this added income goes directly to support family needs.



Our Handmade Sustainable Product range includes but is not limited to:

1. Handmade Cocoa Paper Note Books & Journals:
    - Hand stiched stab bound note pads and journals
    - Handmade sheep or cow leather journals and note books
    - Handmade stationery sets, cards, paper and envelopes made from recycled papers.

2. Sustainable Paper Sheets - A4 and A3 sheets of beautiful handmade sustainable cocoa paper or other sustainable paper for your home, office or gift wrapping needs.

3. Handmade sustainable Greeting Cards - Our handmade cocoa greeting cards and cocoa paper envelopes are offered singularly or in packs of 10. Write your message on a beautiful yet practical card while helping communities and particularly women in developing countries.



What is PCF and PCW? 

Process(ed) Chlorine Free (PCF)
Applies to post-consumer recycled paper (PCW). It means that no chlorine was used in the production this time around but there may be traces of chlorine present because of earlier manufacturing processes that were not in our own process to make our papers.

Post-Consumer Material (PCW)
Waste Paper that has served its intended purpose and has either been separated from solid waste or has been collected through our supplier's recycling initiatives.