Community Programs

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Sales of our handmade, sustainable products contribute directly to the communities that produce them and to all who participate in the supply chain of our raw materials.

People, and particularly women, within these communities are able to sell materials that were previously waste, add value to things they had previously made or provide new or additional services that contribute directly to higher incomes to better support their families. This is particularly evident in the cocoa growing areas of Sulawesi and the islands of the Spermonde where we are working largely with women to develop alternate income streams for struggling families, and in Bali where we currently produce most of the finished products.

As far as possible, we chose to work with partner organizations who are either community based supplier organizations or organizations that provide some clear and direct benefit to the development of the community around them, women and disadvantaged groups.

Bali Insan Creative (BIC), the producer of our sustainable cocoa paper, is an excellent example of our selected supplier base. BIC is an equal opportunity employer with a strong sense of social responsibility and heavily engaged in various educational and community development activities. They cooperate in waste recycling programs, sharing simple techniques with communities and helping to spread awareness of the protential to turn waste into additional livelihood opportunities.

BIC has an educational program to engage school students and youth organizations in sustainable farming, waste recycling and community based ecotourism, They routinely visit schools and have installed recycling bins so that children can actively participate in recycling. School children visit them to get hands-on experience of organic farming, alternate energy opportunities and to have some fun making paper.

We strongly encourage the participation of women in our community programs and throughout our supplier chain and are an equal opportunity employer with a strong sense of fairness, equality and social responsibility.

Please visit us again as we expand and update this page to see for yourself the impact of the purchases you make and feel free to contact us through our 'contact page" if you would like to discuss ways where you too could make a direct contribution to any of the community organizations with whom we work.