What We Do

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Community Solutions International conducts activities throughout Indonesia to help people in developing communities and contribute to cocoa sustainability. 

We do this though our two main activities: 

The Community Solutions International (CSI) Cocoa Care program is a highly productive and effective method for businesses or individuals to directly engage with Indonesian cocoa farming families and help to ensure the future of the many industries around the world that rely on cocoa production. 

Cocoa Farm ndome and productivity has declines by more than 50 percent over the past 10 years presenting a very real threat to the future of cocoa. 

Many of the obstacles faced by Indonesian cocoa farmer, causing some to abandon the business, are easily resolved with the support and training solutions provided by Cocoa Care. 

Cocoa Care provides access to training, tools, materials and support so desperately needed to help farmers develop and maintain and sustainable producive cocoa farm to secure their families future. 

Cocoa Care programs include:
* Both in-class and on-farm training providing essential cocoa tree care knowledge.
* Replacement or rehabilitation of non-productive, dead or diseased trees with high producing top grafted seedlings.
*Provide tools, training and materials for optimum soil management which improves soil nutrition and biodiversity to reduce soil born diseases.
* Role-appropriate tool kits for all necessary farm activities including pruning, farm sanitation, soil management and harvesting.


We actively engage with small holder cocoa farmers to train them in the pruning process and to collect and purchase the bark peeled from the pruning waste for use in our paper production.

While pruning is typically a male role, an essential activity for productive & healthy cocoa trees, we encourage the involvement of women to strip the bark, before they stock pile the wood for use in cooking.

Women also package the bark for sale to our collectors and are paid about $1.50 per kilogram which is more than the premium they would receive for fermented cocoa beans

What was previously waste is now a source of added value and additional income particularly for women living on cocoa farms, giving them additional financial flexibility, confidence and sense of community.

As we develop new products and processes to establish additional alternate business opportunities for the communities within which we work, we always seek to maximize the utilization of natural, sustainably produced or waste materials and to minimize any impact on the environment.