Yayasan Wisnu

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The Wisnu Foundation

Wisnu Foundation is a nongovernmental organisation established in Bali on May 25, 1993. The idea to establish Wisnu Foundation is based on the environmental problems that occurred in Bali, one of them caused by the 'explosion' of mass tourism.

Wisnu Foundation is working in the field of environmental and social transformation for optimizing the management of community resources through community empowerment programs, eduction, community resource management, as well as data and information processing.

The work and program was designed to realize the creation of a life space together in Bali to achieve a democratic social order, respect for diversity, non descrimination, gender and social justice, respect and human rights, and protect the environment and the local wisdom, so that marginalized communities have the power  and strength of space, and political, social and cultural econonomic resources. 

Our Relationship with Wisnu Foundation

Early 2008, The Wisnu Foundation was approached  by us to investigate the possibility to produce an environmentally friendly handmade paper using wood fibres. After extensive research and development, the idea became reality and our first handmade pulp paper was produced in August 2009.

We continue to produce paper with the Wisnu foundation through Bali Insan Creative. Our production capacity now stands at 40,000 handmade paper sheets per month.

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