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Note Books

These handmade, sustainable cocoa paper note books are made in several sizes and maybe printed or embossed to suit your specific needs.  They may also be provided with an elastic closure or handmade decorative cotton tassel.

The note paper is usually unprinted but larger pads with printed note sheets could be produced for special orders as required.

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Stab Bound Note Books- Hand Stitched

Beautiful hand stitched note books with 30 Cocoa Paper Pages. Choose from over 52 designs to customize your unique note book.

  Please click here to view the available stitching colours for Stab Bound Note Pads. Custom colours availble, minimum orders apply.

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Spiral Bound Note Books

Made using a durable machine finished paper for all your note taking needs. Available in 3 sizes:
      - Small; 7.5cm x 11.5cm (30 pages)
      - Medium; 10.5cm x 15.0cm (40 pages)
      - Large; 15.0cm x 21.0cm (40 pages)

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Note Cubes

Ideal to keep on your desk, by the phone or anywhere you need to a piece of paper to take a note. With 60, 8cm x 8cm wide and a flip lid, this note cube is the perfect accessory for every home and office.

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Long Grass Book

Unique 30 page Cocoa Paper note book, recycled grass covered cover and handstitched with natural banana tree fibres.

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Please Note: Other sizes, formats and designs of these handmade, sustainable cocoa paper and other handmade sustainable paper products can be produced to suit your specific needs if ordered in sufficient volume. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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